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Psychology Students to Present at Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting

MMC is proud to announce that four current students, two recent graduates, and four faculty members from the Psychology department will be presenting their work at the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) annual meeting this year. The EPA convention will be held at the Marriott Marquis in NYC from Feb. 28 to Mar. 2, 2019. The four MMC students are: Amanda Anzovino, Lauren Ashbrook, Patrick Riley, and Brianne Rogers. The two recent graduates are Tatiana Valencia (a student speaker at the 2018 commencement) and Jennelie Korbes (the 2018 valedictorian). Click here to learn more about the Eastern Psychological Association and register to attend the convention.

Locations and times for MMC student, graduates, and faculty presentations:

  1. Friday, Mar. 1, 2 to 3:20 – West Side Ballroom 3 and 4
    Poster 71 (page 51 in program)
    Riley, Patrick., Silton, N., Anzovino, Amanda, & Ashbrook, Lauren.
    Kindness Makes a Difference: Assessing the Efficacy of ADDY & UNO/Realabilities Curriculum

  2. Saturday, Mar. 2, 11 – 12:20 – West Side Ballroom 3 and 4
    Poster 27 (page 110 in program)
    Valencia, Tatiana., & Weinberger-Litman, S.
    Perceived Stress and Flow Experiences in Diverse Groups of Athletes

  3. Saturday, Mar. 2, 2 – 3:20 (p. 134 in program) – Empire Room
    Symposium – History Symposium. Psychology in NYC.
    Solomon, Henry.
    Social/Social Issues.
    Other speakers.
  4. Saturday, Mar. 2, 2 – 3:20 (p. 122 in program) – Hudson Room
    Symposium – When prison is not the answer: psychiatric commitment, removal proceedings and community re-entry
    Paradis, C. (Chair, Presenter, Discussant)
    Korbes, Jennelie. 
    Other speakers.
  1. Saturday, Mar. 2, 5:00 to 6:20 – West Side Ballroom 3 & 4   
    Poster 12 (page 153 in program)
    Rogers, Brianne, & Anzovino, Amanda. (sponsored by L. Solomon)
    Do You Trust Me: An Analysis of Political Beliefs and Trust in Politicians

Congratulations to MMC students, graduates, and faculty members presenting at the Eastern Psychological Association convention!