The Library Hosted an Art Exhibition on Friday 2/15/2019!

February 07, 2019
  • Picture of the 6 Subway Train photo by Ava Markris

The Library hosted our first pop-up faux art gallery opening, Art From Our Own, on the first floor of the library on Feb. 15th, 2019. The exhibit was curated by MMC students Cross Nelson (2022) and Ariella Bellingham (2021) and can be viewed anytime during library hours. Cross and Ariella’s curatorial statement is as follows: 

“Marymount Manhattan College is home to a student body full of creative minds. These creators are dancers, musicians, writers, and artists, and all of them are here with the goal of creating something memorable. Art From Our Own is a showcase of six student works that reflect the pride that Marymount takes in their artists,  emphasizing that this artwork is from “our own” students who give this school its unique and creative identity. By employing a variety of media, such as photography, painting  and pointillism, the diverse work of these artists allow viewers to understand the many ways that students can put their creative talents to use. This exhibition opens up the conversation between our visual art students ranging from freshman to seniors and provides a window for the other students to interact with the artwork of their peers. In doing so the exhibition creates a stimulating environment in a common space where students come to enrich their learning experience.”

The following artists are displaying their work:

Ava Makris (2021)
Carly Hebert (2019)
Daniel Morrison (2021)
Fiona Scannell (2022)
Logan Ronan (2021)
Shealyn McFadden (2021)