Psychology Students and Faculty Present at the Eastern Psychological Association Meeting

  • Amanda Anzovino (’19), Dr. Linda Solomon, Brianne Rogers (‘19)
  • Amanda Anzovino (’19), Dr. Nava R. Silton, Patrick Riley ('20)
  • Amanda Anzovino (’19), Brianne Rogers (‘19)
  • Tatiana Valencia (’18)
  • Patrick Riley ('19), Amanda Anzovino (’19), Dr. Linda Solomon, Tatiana Valencia (’18), Monica Benitez ('19)
  • Jennelie Korbes (‘18)
  • Jennelie Korbes (‘18)
  • Dr. Cheryl Paradis

     This past weekend, MMC students, alumni, and faculty presented at and attended the 2019 Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting! The Eastern Psychological Association Meeting is a regional conference held every year to showcase advancements in the field of psychology by students and professionals.

     This year three research projects were presented in various poster sessions. Patrick Riley (’20), Amanda Anzovino (’19), and Dr. Nava R. Silton presented research done on the Realabilities/Addy & Uno series, titled “Kindness Makes a Difference: Assessing the Efficacy of Addy & Uno and The Realabilities Comic Book Series Curriculum in Enhancing Children’s Sensitivity and Interest in Their Peers with Disabilities.” Tatiana Valencia (’18), presented her research project titled “Perceived Stress and Flow Experiences in Diverse Groups of Athletes.” In addition, Brianne Rogers (’19) and Amanda Anzovino (’19), presented their research project titled “Do You Trust Me?: An Analysis of Political Beliefs and Trust In Politicians.

     Dr. Cheryl Paradis led a clinical psychology symposium titled, “When Prison is Not The Answer: The Role of Mental Health Experts in Psychiatric Commitment, Removal Proceedings and Assisting Community Re-entry.” The symposium included three presentations that focused on the roles of psychologists and other mental health clinicians working with individuals within the criminal justice system. Dr. Paradis’ presentation was titled, “Insanity Acquittees: When should they be released from secure psychiatric hospitals?”, which focused on the insanity defense. Jennelie Korbes (’18) presentation was titled, “Community Reentry for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness Leaving Rikers Island” and centered on her experiences working as a Case Worker at the Brooklyn Community Re-entry Assistance Network (CRAN). In addition, Dr. Claude Patrice Francois presented “Where Is Home? The role of psychological evaluations in removal proceedings”, in which she shared her experiences working in the immigration system.

      Dr. Henry Solomon was part of an 8-person panel titled, “The Fascinating History of  Psychology Specialties In New York City.” Dr. Solomon presented a summary of the history of social psychology and the study of social issues in NYC.

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