Graphic Design Capstone Students Showcase Professional Portfolios

May 14, 2019
  • Graphic Design program students with Prof. James Holl
Students in Art 480: Professional Portfolio with Associate Professor of Art James Holl gathered in the Commons West on Monday, May 13 to present their work to the MMC community.

Professional Portfolio is an additional capstone class in the Art and Art History department curriculum where students from all concentrations develop a personal vision toward creating a portfolio for future career opportunities or graduate studies. The students design their own curriculum within an engaged seminar with weekly critiques mentored by the professor. In the final class of the semester, professionals from various media design fields are invited to critique each student one-on-one. This semester’s reviewers included designer and illustrator Jane Archer, animator and illustrator Julia Gran, and brand designers Eric Shelton of Gensler, and Roger Vandenbergh of Onoma Design.

These professionals were guided by a rubric that presents the intended outcomes of the Graphic Design and Illustration concentrations. The students’ final grades are a summation of these critiques that take place on Professional Portfolio Review Day. 

Featured Spring 2019 students included:

  • Megan P. Almonte
  • Derek J. Dignan
  • Nathalie A. Diller
  • Alexander M. Donnelly
  • Tatiana C. Donnelly
  • Alicen A. Franco
  • Mary F. Heinert
  • Fatima L. Khan
  • Amanda J. Killmer
  • Maria Mendez
  • Madison M. Musgrove
  • Grace Prewitt
  • Edgar Tlapanco
  • Christopher J. Wallace

 Congratulations, all!