Senior Malachi Rosen ’20 Performs in ‘The 39 Steps’ at Gloucester Stage

July 18, 2019
  • Gloucester Stage's production of 'The 39 Steps'
    Jason Grow
  • Malachi Rosen
    Kim Smith
BFA Acting senior Malachi Rosen performs sound as a Foley artist in the summer 2019 production of The 39 Steps at Gloucester Stage in Massachusetts.

The Boston native was recently featured in an article in North of Boston regarding his role in the adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps this summer:

“Foley artists recreate everyday sounds for movies and plays using not so traditional equipment. ‘I create the fun odds-and-ends sounds you hear during the play live,’ said Rosen, who is visible throughout the production in a little sound booth at the rear of the stage. ‘Depending on when they are in the show, I have balloons for gunshots and bells popping that makes me become a part of the show.’”

In a Wicked Local review of the production, critic Peter Chianca writes, “Malachi’s well-timed contributions make him a de facto character, and a pretty funny one at that.”

Rosen says his former monologue coach, who had worked with Gloucester Stage in the past, put the actor in touch with the theater’s staff in hopes of any opportunities. “I have been having a blast,” he says. “It is an extremely fun show and I have learned a great deal about professional theatre, Foley work, and how important connections truly are. I have met wonderful people through this process and am very excited for the rest of the run of the production.”

Congratulations, Malachi!