Heui Tae Yoon ’11 exhibits new work at Chosun Ilbo Museum in Seoul

Studio Art alum Heui Tae Yoon ’11 exhibits Bible: The Space Zero Enter Lowercase OLO at the Chosun Ilbo Museum in Seoul, South Korea, from August 7-12, 2019.

A former International Student, Yoon writes, “The very small details of everyday life, personal deviations, and criminal behavior, as well as the need to ask questions and ask for answers [from the internet] are very similar to those of religion or prayer that humanity has posited in religion.” 

출처: 포토저널 (http://www.photoj.co.kr)

Questions of authenticity, self expression and revelation are placed together in a witty confrontation between metaphor, symbol and abstract idea…Even style and its meaning to specific culture is questioned, the tropes of Western art and Eastern art are face to face. Looking at this work one see’s his dilemma: how to confront a reality of facts that are inescapable, impossibly simple and leveling all in their path. He is brought to a full stop, as if the only true act possible is to face us and name the conditions that rule his life and métier.

–Linda Francis

St. Jobs, oil on linen, 92.5? x 78? St. Jobs, oil on linen, 92.5” x 78”