Fashion Exhibit Pop-Up

  • Fashion Exhibit Pop-up
Students in Dr. Kim’s The Business of Fashion course showcased their final projects in the exhibit The Store Windows of Fashion.

The students in Dr. Pielah Kim’s The Business of Fashion course created The Store Windows of Fashion exhibit.

The Business of Fashion class is designed to teach the value chain of the fashion industry. The value chain refers to the entire process it takes to create fashion lines: source raw materials, come up with concepts, design and produce fashion goods, calculate costs, and design a marketing plan to promote a fashion line. Teams created a fashion company to apply what they had learned about the value chain of the fashion industry. This project allowed students to witness the process of making fashion goods and absorb the course concepts through experience. This store window displays two fashion companies created by students, Juicebox and Look 2 Lewk, and their fashion lines.

Business Professor Vandana Rao Featured in Zippia COVID-19 Article

Vandana Rao, Ph.D., Professor of Business Management and Chair of the Business Division, is featured in a new article by career development site Zippia on understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the job market and future implications.
Vandana Rao, Ph.D.