Michael Quituisaca ’17 Discusses Curatorial Experience in Washington Post Feature

  • Michael Quituisaca '17
A graduate of MMC’s Art History program, Michael Quituisaca ’17 is now working toward his master’s in Art History at American University, where he and his peers have opened Moves Like Walter, the first exclusive exhibition from the Corcoran Legacy Collection.

The exhibition has been featured in a Washington Post article focusing on the history of the Corcoran collection and opens with Quituisaca’s discovering of art in AU’s massive storage facility. “To work with one of the first major museum collections in the country, an institution with a name behind it — as a student, I jumped at the chance,” Quituisaca explains in the article. “When you see it in person, you get to the see the cracks, how the light hits it in different ways, you get to walk around it. It’s exactly what you want as a student.” Read the full Washington Post article here

About the Exhibit

Moves like Walter: New Curators Open the Corcoran Legacy Collection is a product of Director and Curator Jack Rasmussen’s spring course on curatorial practice. Upon receipt of the Corcoran Collection, graduate students in art history, arts management, and studio art have curated a playful and provocative interpretation of the 9,000-piece gift. The exhibition is inspired by Walter Hopps, briefly the Director of the Corcoran and an erratic but seminal American curator of contemporary art. The curators have divided their responses into five sub-groups, Boundless: Existing Within Ambiguous Space; The Road Home; The Selfless Spirit: Nature vs. Nurture and the Effects of Motherhood in the Corcoran Collection; American Legacy: Reconsidering Non-Western Subjects in the Corcoran Collection; and Redefining the Gaze: Shifting the Power.

?Rebecca at the Well? by Thomas Prichard Rossiter (1852), chosen by Quituisaca ?17, is part of th... “Rebecca at the Well” by Thomas Prichard Rossiter (1852), chosen by Quituisaca ’17, is part of the American University exhibit.The exhibition will run through December 15, 2019 at American University MuseumCongratulations, Michael!