Celebrating Native American Heritage Month at MMC

October 30, 2019
November 1 marks the official beginning to Native American Heritage Month, observed each year to honor the legacies of indigenous peoples across the country. MMC’s Office of Student Development and Activities (SDA), Chartwells, and the Student Activities Advisory Board (SAAB) have organized a lineup of events for the College community to celebrate and commemorate First Nation cultures and history.

The land in which Marymount Manhattan College sits on was previously inhabited by the Delaware tribe (also known as the Lenape tribe). In honor of Native American Heritage Month, the Office of Student Development and Activities, dining services provider Chartwells, and the Student Activities Advisory Board have organized a lineup of events for the MMC community, including a “Self Explore NYC” series. 

Monday, November 4: Native American Cuisine

Join Chartwells in celebrating Native American Heritage Month! Stop by the Cafe all day to try traditional Native American cuisine, including Navajo chili stew and fry bread.

Wednesday, November 6: Keynote Reception

The month’s keynote reception will take place on Wednesday, November 6, with speaker Oleana Whispering Dove, a valued advocate of the Lenape community. A Tsalagi-Algonquian descendant, Oleana is a member of the American Indian Community House and Museum Guide/Educator/Curator/Native American Outreach Liaison.  She has also presented a Lenape Exhibit (digital screening & talk) created by Lisa Levart who photographed the women. She has most recently presented at NY Society for Ethical Culture and on Governor’s Island, along with Lisa Levart’s newly expanded Exhibition participants. 

Oleana will share an oral historical account of the Lenape in reference to the New York City land. She will also discuss current issues and priorities facing the Ramapough-Lenape, having recently won their land settlement case with the State of New Jersey that permits them to maintain their Ceremonial land. This event is open to the entire campus community and we hope to see many of you there! RSVP here.

Self Explore NYC Series

All month, check out various New York City installations, events, and institutions on your own or with friends! 

Friday, 11/1 - 3/8/20: Urban Indian: Native New York Now

Sunday, 11/9: Native Sounds Downtown featuring Pamyua

Saturday, 11/16: Lenape Harvest in Inwood

Saturday, 11/16: Farmhouse Family Day: Native Storytelling Today

and more!