Professor-Student Team Presents Urban Ecology Research to Board of Trustees

  • Prof. Matt Lundquist with Urban Ecosystem students
  • Madison Weisend '20
Prof. Matt Lundquist and Environmental Studies senior Madison Weisend ’20 shared their latest findings on urban insects at the December meeting of MMC’s Board of Trustees.

Environmental Studies senior Madison Weisend ’20 and Assistant Professor of Biology and Ecology Matt Lundquist presented their current research findings to the MMC Board of Trustees on December 3, 2019. Madison first discussed her research on how women experience water scarcity in rural India and her presentation of those findings at the Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) conference last spring. She then talked about her work on the Manhattan tree pit biodiversity study. This project investigates the impact that urbanization has on communities of pollinating insects, as well as whether urban green spaces provide refuge for those animals. She will present her findings from that work at the Mid-Atlantic Ecological Society of America meeting in 2020.

With support from the Board of Trustees and laboratory renovations currently underway, additional research projects will be available for more Natural Sciences undergraduates and students in our new and growing Biology Post Bac Program. These young scientists will be able to conduct ecological studies throughout New York City, collaborate with other institutions around the city, and analyze their findings on the MMC campus in our new research facilities.