Senior Art Students Open Thesis Show in Hewitt Gallery of Art

  • 2019 Senior Thesis Opening
    Jerry Speier
  • Senior Thesis Exhibition Fall 2019
  • Senior Thesis Exhibition Fall 2019
On Thursday, December 12, Senior Studio Art majors opened the Fall 2019 Senior Thesis Exhibition in the Hewitt Gallery of Art with an official reception for the MMC community, family, and friends.

The works from nineteen students, all generated throughout this semester’s Senior Seminar course with professors Beth Shipley and Millie Falcaro, grace the Hewitt Gallery of Art through February 19, 2020. “We have a diversity of styles, techniques, methodologies, and concepts that are really the hallmark of our department,” says Hallie Cohen, MFA, Professor of Art and Director of the Gallery. “We don’t create cookie cutter artists.”

Luisa Montoya ’20, an Art History and Studio Art double major, described her experience transitioning her collection, Effacement Series, from the studio to a public viewing. “The most amazing part is when the work moves from the studio onto a wall and how differently it looks,” she explains. “In the studio, you tend to see [your work] in a very critical lens, and you’re always trying see what looks better. And here, you still view it in a very critical lens but it’s almost like you get a sense of radical acceptance just simply because you can’t change anything. It’s been a really interesting experience in terms of that.” 

Congratulations to all of the featured artists!