JSTOR Expands Resources to Assist Students with Online Research!

March 20, 2020

Marymount Manhattan College’s ability to offer its students full-text scholarship from JSTOR has expanded, a great help to students who are completing their semester’s work online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

            Kevin Guthrie, the CEO of ITHAKA, of which JSTOR is a part, announced March 18 that JSTOR is expediting the release of back issues of 26 public health journals, which will be useful for researchers in the lab and in the field as well as for students following current events. JSTOR is also prepared to make other content available. For example, institutions that license one or more of JSTOR’s primary-source collections will be able to access all the primary-source collections that do not require licenses, that is, that consist of public-domain material.

Most significantly, given that the hardcopy books in the library are currently inaccessible, JSTOR is working to bring up to 20,000 more books online. JSTOR obtains to rights to distribute electronic books from state university presses in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey (Rutgers University Press), North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina; from private universities such as Harvard, New York University, and Temple; and from independent publishers such as Pluto Press and the Russell Sage Foundation. Together these presses cover a wide range of academic disciplines.

All students and faculty need to do is access JSTOR as usual. The expanded content is added seamlessly to the content MMC already licenses from JSTOR.