University of California Journals available full-text for until June 2020!

March 22, 2020
  • UC Journals


University of California Journals available full-text for until June 2020

The University of California Press has announced that to assist students and faculty working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, it will provide free full-text access to its periodical publications through June 2020.

MMC already subscribes to several of these journals, such as Music Perception, which is so important to both our music and our psychology classes that MMC receives a hard copy of the latest issue. MMC also has access to the back issues of journals such as Nineteenth-Century Literature, important for our English and World Literature and our Writing classes. Now, students can get the most recent issues of those journals. Environmental science students can now augment their research with Case Studies in the Environment, and there are similar opportunities for students in other disciplines.

To access the list of journals, please go to, and to access any individual journal, please click on the journal title. If the titles aren’t enough of a clue as to the content, use the “Sort by” line at the head of the list to arrange the journals by subject. To access a particular article, please click on the article title, then look to the left, beneath the image of the journal cover, to the rectangle with seven icons arranged in columns of four and three. To see the whole article, click on view full page pdf. To download the article, click on print, then save the resulting .pdf. One thing not to do is to use the search box at the top of the web page; that brings up the University of California Press book offerings, and the books are not available online through this website.

Faculty interested in securing reading for future classes should consider downloading. This deal won’t last forever.