HEOP Wellness Wednesdays

  • HEOP Wellness Wednesdays

In the Spring 2020 semester, HEOP students are being treated to a series of wellness events hosted and planned by Christine Mitchell ’20, Special Projects and Events Manager/Intern, and Jerandy Beato ’22, Special Projects and Events Manager.

Mitchell and Beato are members of the HEOP Leadership Council and they co-developed the Wellness Wednesdays series to promote mindfulness and wellness in the HEOP community. The events will take place on a monthly basis for the remainder of the semester.

We kicked off this month with a Yoga and Meditation session, which was led by HEOP Alumna Tatiana Valencia ’18 and current HEOP student Aisatou Ishimori ’23.

HEOP Launches the Parent and Alumni Reach Initiative!

HEOP Parent and Alumni Managers, Jerandy Beato and Zaheraa Ramsahoye-Khan launched the Parent and Alumni Reach Initiative with the intentions of engaging alumni and bridging the gap between current and former students.