HEOP Welcomes New HEOP Counselor/Coordinator Stephanie Nunez

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In February, HEOP welcomed Stephanie Nunez as the newest community member and HEOP’s Counselor and Coordinator.

Nunez is a 2016 graduate of SUNY New Paltz, where she earned a degree in Marketing. Nunez previously worked at Goddard Riverside Options Center as a Senior Access Counselor. There, Nunez assisted high school juniors, seniors, and adults with the college application process. In previous positions, Nunez planned and led workshops regarding college readiness, self-advocacy, and social emotional learning.

Nunez is very passionate about helping youth succeed, both academically and professionally, as she herself is an EOP alumna: “Once EOP, always EOP! I am eternally grateful for all the support I received from my EOP family and hope to provide that and more to the current HEOP students,” says Nunez. “I am excited to be joining the MMC HEOP family.”

HEOP Launches the Parent and Alumni Reach Initiative!

HEOP Parent and Alumni Managers, Jerandy Beato and Zaheraa Ramsahoye-Khan launched the Parent and Alumni Reach Initiative with the intentions of engaging alumni and bridging the gap between current and former students.