Meet MMC’s Class of 2020 Valedictorian, Tracey Brooks

  • Tracey Brooks '20
Congratulations to Tracey Brooks ’20, a Communication Arts and Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media double major, who is the Class of 2020 valedictorian.

Born and raised in the small town of Lebanon, Virginia, Brooks transferred to MMC at the beginning of her junior year from a local community college. “Growing up in Lebanon was a great experience, but I always knew I wanted to move to the city,” she says. “When I toured Marymount Manhattan, I felt a connection immediately upon walking in the building. I had toured several other schools and none of them seemed to be the right fit for me. I have always enjoyed smaller class sizes and a closer relationship with professors.”

Brooks began her MMC career as a Communication Arts major, and soon added a second program—Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media (CTEM)—to her academic plate. Despite the extra workload, Brooks says the choice was the best decision she’s ever made. “Like most people, I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to major in when I got to MMC. The CTEM major helped me realize my love for all things television, film, and media.”

Naturally, her coursework and classroom topics were only a piece of the experience. When asked about her favorite part of MMC, Brooks simply says the faculty. “Every professor is so intelligent and knowledgeable about the subject they teach. They’re so kind and truly have the student’s best interest in mind. They are always there to cheer you on and aren’t afraid to push you if you’re falling behind.”  

In addition to maintaining a perfect GPA, Brooks works two jobs outside of school, and enjoys singing, cooking, and lifting weights at the gym in her free time. After MMC, she hopes to pursue a career as a sports news correspondent or field reporter. “I have always enjoyed being on camera and discovered my love for journalism at Marymount Manhattan, so I think this would be the perfect career for me.” 

Please join us in congratulating Tracey for this remarkable achievement!