Follow Up: FAQs for MMC’s Fall Restart Plan

Dear Students:

I know everyone has been eager to learn of plans for the coming academic year, and I’m sure by now you’ve read and reviewed President Kerry Walk’s message yesterday about the College’s Fall Restart Plan. Since then, we’ve heard directly from some students and parents, who raised a number of excellent questions, and I’m sure many of you share the same ones, even if you did not contact the College.

To help provide some clarity, we’ve answered a number of questions below for your reference, or they are available here as a pdf. We will also be updating the website ( with this information, and additional details will be added as plans continue to develop.

I hope this helps! After reviewing these Q&As, please feel free contact if you need additional information. Thank you!


Emmalyn Yamrick
Dean of Students

 Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Which classes will be virtual and which classes will be in person? Will I be required to be on campus in some fashion?

In MMC’s Virtual Classes/Open Campus model, students may complete all classes online. The only exception will be for students who, for legal reasons, must be present on campus. These students have already been contacted. 

A small number of classes will give students an optional in-person experience that is not required to complete the course. Currently, science lab classes will offer an in-person option as well as a virtual option. Science department faculty will be reaching out to students in those classes with more information. Individual departments will contact students directly if there are any other classes that will offer an optional in-person component.

The Course Bulletin shows the meeting days and times for classes. Students need to be available during these times so that they can participate in online class sessions. If you see a classroom listed on the Course Bulletin or on your class schedule, do not worry—you are not required to attend classes in person.


  1. Do I have to re-register for my classes?

No, students do not need to re-register—your current class schedule remains active. However, students can make changes to their course schedules. 

  • New Students:Academic advisors are currently reviewing new students’ schedule change requests, and new students will have the opportunity to continue discussing possible changes during Griffin Days on July 14, 15, and 16, 2020.
  • Continuing Students:Continuing students can reach out to the Academic Advisement Office ( to discuss possible changes to their fall schedules. Students can also make changes throughout the summer via MMC Connect.
  • Program Change Period:A virtual Program Change Period will be available to all students during the first week of the fall semester. Students will receive more information about this prior to the start of the semester.


  1. Will MMC’s online courses, offered through the enhanced Virtual Campus, be similar to the classes MMC offered in Spring 2020?

MMC’s fall 2020 Virtual Campus will provide an enhanced educational experience for students. Students choose MMC for a reason, and our goal is to foster a vibrant academic and student life experience that keeps our students engaged with the College and with each other, whether virtually or in person, while adhering to recommended health and safety guidelines.

MMC’s enhanced Virtual Campus will feature:

  • Courses that are small, personalized, and immersive to ensure an easy exchange of ideas and a high level of individual attention in all courses—unlike traditional online courses.
  • A variety of engagement opportunities, leadership development experiences, and social connections, that foster student connection and immersion in the opportunities of New York City, no matter where students are located, near or far.
  • Programs and events, both in-person and virtually, to ensure a signature MMC experience is available to all students. 


  1. If most classes are online, how will time zone differences be managed?

Students who live in different time zones should notify their professors as soon as possible. They will work with you to make a plan that allows you to participate in your classes while taking into consideration this time difference. 


  1. How will virtual classes work—will there be a scheduled time I need to be online, or can I complete work independently?

Both! All virtual classes will include synchronous components—meaning that students will meet with each other and their professors in “real time” throughout the semester. Professors will discuss their specific plans for these synchronous meetings at the start of the semester, but all students should plan to be available during the days/times listed for each of their classes.

Classes will also include asynchronous work—work that students will complete outside of the assigned class meeting times.


  1. Can students use the campus as a quiet place to engage in their Zoom classes?

Yes! Although classes will be conducted online, the campus will remain open at reduced occupancy levels (subject to federal and state guidelines and directives). We are currently implementing safety measures in spaces such as the Library and Nugent Lounge. We are also identifying additional spaces on campus such as computer labs and classrooms to be available to students throughout the day. To ensure compliance with social distancing and building capacity requirements, there may be limitations to how and when students use campus facilities, including the implementation of a reservation system for spaces and workstations. More details about accessing campus will be provided closer to the start of the semester.


  1. What is the Fall Final Stretch? Do I need to come back to campus after Thanksgiving?

During the Fall Final Stretch (from Monday, November 30 through the end of the semester), faculty will focus even more on individualized and small group work as students complete end-of-semester essays and exhibitions, portfolios and performances, and projects and experiments. Students will continue to engage with faculty and each other virtually, while also continuing to have access to labs, studios, the library, production suites, and other campus facilities. During the final two weeks of the semester, MMC’s 71st Street and Virtual Campuses will be transformed into exciting spaces that showcase student work.

There is no requirement that students be on campus during the Fall Final Stretch. The Fall Final Stretch also offers students flexibility in their travel plans.


  1. Will performance-based classes such as dance, voice, and acting courses be conducted in person?

No. Because performance-based classes come with increased risk of COVID-19 transmission and higher health and safety standards, all of these classes will be conducted virtually. However, on-campus studios and performance spaces will be available for faculty and students to reserve throughout the semester. As with all classes, no faculty or students will be required to come to campus, but these spaces will be available for those who choose to utilize them. We are developing a reservation system for campus facilities, and more information will be coming soon.


  1. I left items in my locker when we left the College in the spring. How can I get my belongings back?

Once the College is able to welcome people back, students will be invited to retrieve items from their lockers. We will work with students who are not able to return to clean out the lockers.  We expect to have some lockers available this year, but only after the lockers that were used in spring 2020 are emptied.




  1. Will tuition be discounted, given that classes are online?

The Fall 2020 semester will be an exciting, rigorous, and uniquely MMC experience—one in which all students can fully participate, no matter where they are, in a manner that is consistent with their comfort levels regarding personal health and safety. However, the College recognizes the financial challenges that many students and families are facing during the pandemic. Here are the efforts that have been taken to make MMC one of the most affordable private colleges in New York City:

  • 98% of MMC students receive financial aid.
  • MMC is distributing $20 million in financial aid to our students in 2020-21.
  • Tuition and fees have been reduced by more than $2.2 million for the 2020-21 academic year.
    • The MMC Together Grant—made possible through the generosity of MMC alumni, donors, and friends—reduces 2020-21 tuition costs for eligible, full-time students by approximately $2,000 each.
    • Fee waivers will be provided to offset a portion of standard fees for all students.
    • Additional course and general fees are being reviewed, and fee waivers will be provided, as appropriate, to accommodate reduced access to facilities and performance spaces.

MMC’s Virtual Classes/Open Campus model will provide a better, more comprehensive, and safer educational experience than if we attempted to have all students and faculty proceed with in-person classes while wearing masks and practicing social distancing throughout our buildings. In addition, faculty are working to ensure that the instruction they provide on MMC’s Virtual Campus will not only be personalized, but will achieve the learning goals of each course.


  1. Are deposits for incoming students refundable?

Incoming students who defer their enrollment to Spring or Fall 2021 can roll their tuition deposit forward. We very much hope you will continue to plan to make MMC your home (virtually or physically), but the College will return tuition deposits for those who ultimately decide to take another path by July 31, 2020. After July 31, deposits will be non-refundable. Please contact for more information.

Students who submitted a housing deposit but who decide not to live in campus housing will be able to apply their housing deposit toward their student account.


  1. Is there an opportunity for students to take this semester off until circumstances around the pandemic begin to resolve? What is the deadline for withdrawal from the fall semester?

Yes, it is possible for students to take the semester off if they choose and retain spring 2021 financial aid:

  • New students interested in this option should contact the Admissions office ( 
  • Continuing students interested in this option should file a “Maintenance of Matriculation” form with Academic Advisement (

Please contact Admissions or Academic Advisement if you would like to discuss your specific situation.

Before the start of the fall term on August 31, 2020, students can withdraw without being liable for tuition costs. As of September 1, 2020, MMC’s tuition forfeiture schedule begins (see chart below). 

Tuition Forfeiture Schedule


Fall 2020 semester (based on a 15 week term)

Time of withdrawal


Tuition Forfeiture Charged

On or before term start 



During the first week

9/1/2020 - 9/7/2020


During the second week

9/8/2020 - 9/14/2020


During the third week

9/15/2020 - 9/21/2020


During and after the fourth week




  1. If I decide to go part-time for the fall 2020 semester, will my financial aid be impacted?

Yes, some aid will be impacted. All MMC scholarships and grants and NYS aid are awarded based on full-time enrollment. Federal grants will be reduced due to part-time credits and federal loans can be processed as long as you are registered for at least 6 credits. Any reduced course load will impact the cost of attendance at MMC and may impact the maximum aid you are eligible to receive. You should speak with a Counselor in the Center for Student Services (212-517-0500) and an Academic Advisor (212-517-0568) before deciding to attend part-time.


  1. How will Dining Dollars work for residential students?

On-campus dining services will be scaled back to reflect reduced campus occupancy and will be modified to meet all health and safety protocols. However, we will be expanding off-campus dining options so that students can fully utilize their Dining Dollars. Details about dining services are being finalized and will be made available shortly. 

Dining Dollars are also now able to be used for online purchases from the Griffin Gear store.


  1. What are the plans for student workers and Federal Work Study programs?

The College is planning to hire student workers. Individual departments are currently identifying their staffing needs, and are exploring both remote and in-person student staffing options. As positions become available, they will be posted on Career Connection, the Career Services Office’s job site.




  1. What are students required to do before coming back to school?

There are three things students should keep in mind when returning to campus:

  1. Keep MMC Healthy Pledge: All members of the MMC community will be asked to sign a Pledge to Keep MMC Healthy to demonstrate our individual and collective commitments to taking responsibility for our own health and to being vigilant about our own actions and practices in order to protect ourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Testing: MMC recommends that all students, faculty, and staff be tested for COVID-19 in their home state in the 14 days prior to returning to campus or upon arrival, but testing will not be required. Positive cases must be reported to safety@mmm.eduin accordance with MMC’s screening process.
  3. Screening: An electronic screening questionnaire will be used within Main Campus facilities and Residence Halls to help control the spread of COVID-19 within the MMC community by ensuring that those individuals who are or who may be sick do not enter campus
    • Faculty, staff, and visitors to main campus will be required to complete the questionnaire daily;
    • Students will be asked to complete the questionnaire intermittently.
    • Residential students will be required to complete the screening process upon move-in, and then may be asked to do so periodically throughout the semester.

More details on how to sign the Keep MMC Healthy pledge and how to access and complete the screening questionnaire are forthcoming.


  1. I’m coming from one of the states that is required to quarantine upon arrival New York. How will that work?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that individuals traveling to New York from out of state will be required to quarantine for 14 days. The list of impacted states is changing regularly and is available for review here. Please note that the College’s policies regarding these requirements is subject to change with local and state guidance. Currently, this is how MMC plans to manage these requirements:

  • Students living on or off campus who are arriving from states requiring a quarantine must follow New York State requirements and quarantine upon arrival.
  • Residential students will be allowed to quarantine in the residence halls since bedrooms will be single occupancy this semester and each suite/apartment is considered a household.
  • Students in quarantine should not come to campus and should not interact with other students, faculty, or staff until they have passed the 14-day required quarantine period.
  • An early move-in option may be available for residential students who will need to quarantine. More information will follow from Residence Life staff.
  • To the extent possible, the College will strive to assign suitemates based on which students will be required to quarantine upon arrival. Because these requirements are changing frequently, this may not be possible in all cases.
  • Students, faculty, or staff who travel out of state throughout the semester are expected to monitor and follow guidelines about returning to New York, quarantining upon their return as required.




  1. I already submitted my housing deposit. What are next steps to confirm my place in the residence halls?

Continuing students who have submitted both their application and their deposit must re-submit the updated housing application (beginning Thursday, July 9 and by no later than Monday, July 13) in order to receive priority housing. 

Incoming students who have submitted a housing deposit by the June 1 deadline will be sent the updated Incoming Student Housing Application on Thursday, July 9, 2020 and if completed by Monday, July 13, 2020, they will be offered priority housing. 

Residence Life will reach out directly with more specific instructions.


  1. I didn’t submit a housing deposit yet, but I would like to live in the residence halls for the fall semester. What should I do?

Students who have not yet submitted a deposit will be able to access the housing application beginning Monday, July 13, 2020. Applications and deposits should be submitted by Wednesday, July 15, 2020 for priority housing consideration. Your non-refundable $500 housing deposit can be submitted via MMC CONNECT in the meantime. Housing applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with first priority given to those who deposited early.

Residence Life will reach out directly with more information about the application process.


  1. I already submitted my housing deposit but I no longer want to return to campus for online courses. Can I get a refund?

Enrolled students who submitted a housing deposit but who decide not to live in campus housing will be able to apply their housing deposit toward their student account.

Students who withdraw from the College by July 31, 2020 will receive a refund on their housing deposit. After July 31, housing deposits will be non-refundable.


  1. If I choose not to apply for housing for the fall semester, will I be able to live in the residence halls for the spring semester?

Yes, if space is available and if local and state guidance permits the residence halls to be open, there will be a Spring housing application.


  1. Will the housing contract still be binding for a full academic year?

Yes, students who sign the updated 2020-21 Housing Contract, which includes the COVID-19 addendum, will be obligated to remain in housing for the full year. The updated contract will be released by Residence Life on Thursday, July 9, 2020—it is important to read and understand the contract in its entirety before signing.


  1. Why can’t we have guests in the residence halls?

We must carefully limit the number of people in the residence halls to comply with social distancing and building capacity requirements, and therefore only residential students and staff will be allowed in the residence halls until further notice.