MMC Student Janelle Murray Interviews Associate Professor Ellen Orenstein in ‘Broadway World’ Article

In the recent blog post for Broadway World, Acting major Janelle Murray ’22 questioned Ellen Orenstein, MFA, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, on the challenges and benefits of adapting performing arts courses to fit a remote environment.

Professor Orenstein, who had previously never taught an online course before, noted that the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic were initially scary, but shifting the expectations and goals of performance-based courses was key in continuing student training.

Classes that required ensemble collaboration and physical movements were not as difficult as expected to teach remotely, according to Professor Orenstein. Students and faculty had embraced the remote environment and developed new techniques, such as self-taping their rehearsals, an effective strategy that Professor Orenstein plans to continue practicing going forward.

For students lacking experience in remote learning, Professor Orenstein advised them to embrace the skills and benefits that come with working over Zoom and to keep an open mind. She added that MMC faculty are available and ready to help students, noting that they can all easily be reached virtually.

Visit Janelle’s blog post on Broadway World to read the full interview with Professor Orenstein. Great work, Janelle!

Marymount Manhattan College Program at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility from Marymount Manhattan College on Vimeo.

Published: August 04, 2020