Award-Winning Filmmaker Yoruba Richen Leads Storytelling Workshop

  • Award-winning filmmaker Yoruba Richen leading a virtual workshop.
On November 4, award-winning filmmaker Yoruba Richen joined Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Arts, Dan Hunt, MFA, to direct a virtual storytelling workshop for students in the COMM 112: Storytelling Across Media course.

During the workshop, Richen spoke to the importance of diverse voices in documentary storytelling and emphasized how documentaries can act as a tool of social justice and social change. She also instructed students on research, pitching, and interviewing strategies for finding jobs in media production, noting the importance of these skills while interviewing during a pandemic.

Richen’s documentaries investigate issues of race, gender, and power and have been featured on NBC Peacock, PBS, New York Times Op Doc, Frontline Digital, New York Magazine’s website, and The Atlantic. Her latest film, The Killing of Breonna Taylor, premiered on September 4 and explores the story, protests, and social implications of Breonna Taylor’s tragic passing.

Learn more about the film via The New York Times here.

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Daniel Hunt, MFA
Associate Professor of Communication and Media Arts

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