IMPORTANT: Pass/Fail Grading and Withdraw Policies for Fall 2020

November 16, 2020
The Office of Academic Affairs announces a new Fall 2020 Grading Accommodations Policy, effective November 16, 2020 and active only for the Fall 2020 semester to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This temporary policy supersedes any applicable current policies.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their faculty advisors before deciding to Withdraw from a class and/or to take a P grade in a class.

Withdrawing from a class and/or request the pass/fail option may impact a student’s eligibility for financial aid and scholarships. In addition to speaking with their faculty advisors, students can seek further information from the Office of Academic Advisement ( and/or a financial aid counselor (

Extended Withdraw Period

Normally, students can withdraw from a class with a “W” grade (Withdrawal) until the eighth week of the semester. Any withdraws after this date are considered “unofficial” and have a negative impact on the student’s GPA.

For Fall 2020, we are extending the deadline to Withdraw from one class until the last day of the semester. This means that students can elect to officially withdraw from one class and receive a “W” grade until Monday, December 21, 2020.

A “W” carries no academic penalty, meaning it has no impact on the student’s GPA. It does, however, mean that the student receives no credit for the course.

To withdraw from a course, it is important that students do so officially to receive the “W” grade. Without an official withdrawal, students earn a “UW” (Unofficial Withdrawal) grade, which is calculated into their GPA as an “F”.

To officially Withdraw from a class, please contact the Office of Advisement at


Pass/Fail Grading Option

Students may choose to take a “P” (Pass) grade in one course only in Fall 2020. The process for doing so is as follows:

  • Students will receive FINAL LETTER GRADES in all of their classes.
  • Upon receiving their final grades, students may submit an online form to request a “P” grade in one class in which they received a grade of D or higher.
  • Once received and processed, the grade in the selected course will be converted to “P.”
  • Students can submit these requests beginning Monday, December 21, 2020, and must do so no later than 5:00pm on Friday, January 8, 2021. On that date, the grading decision is final and cannot be reversed.

This request may be for any one Fall 2020 class without restriction (major/minor/concentration requirements; general education requirements; electives; independent studies; internships). A grade of “P” will be sufficient to fulfill major, minor, concentration, and general education requirements. A grade of “P” is not calculated in the student’s GPA.

Failing (F) grades cannot be changed and are computed in the student’s GPA.


Incomplete Grades

Students may still receive a grade of “I” (Incomplete) for courses taken in the Fall 2020 semester. They must discuss this grade with their instructors prior to the grade being submitted. The “I” grade is only granted when students have satisfactorily completed the majority of required coursework but are unable to complete final requirements due to unforeseen circumstances. The student and instructor must develop an agreed-upon plan for completing outstanding requirements and submitting them in a timely way so that the instructor can grade this work and submit the required form to convert the incomplete to a final grade before the deadline. All college policies related to Incomplete grades remain in effect.