Communication and Media Arts Professor Pens New Book

December 21, 2020
Associate Professor Corey Jay Liberman, PhD, along with Kenneth A Lachlan, Patric Spence, and Theodor Avtgis, wrote a new book this semester while teaching here at Marymount. Risk & Crisis Communication: Communicating in a Disruptive Age “focuses on the major theories of crisis and risk communication and how these theories have been applied to such recent case studies as the Chipotle data breach, the Tide Pod Challenge, Hurricane Michael, the Opioid epidemic, the Attica Wildfires, and the e-Cigarette culture. By fusing together both social media and more traditional mediated outlets, the text challenges its readers to identify best practices for communicating about crisis and risk to affected (or potentially affected) stakeholders. This book complements some of what we discuss toward the end of our Comm 218 (Public Relations and Strategic Communication) course and much of that which is covered in our 300-level course entitled Public Relations Writing,” according to Professor Liberman. You can find the text here.