Math Department Holds Eleventh Annual Pi-Day Contest

Every year, the Mathematics department holds a College-wide π-Day contest. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit an original sentence, paragraph, poem, or short story that uses the digits of π in order (π ≈ 3.1415926..).

Student entries are judged on cleverness, interest, and length. Bonus points are awarded for mathematical references (including mathematicians). Points are deducted for incorrect digits. Monetary prizes ($100, $31.41, $3.14) are awarded to the best student entries.

This year, the Mathematics Department held the Eleventh Annual MMC π-Day contest via Zoom. Four students entered the competition and were awarded monetary prizes. A reading with the awarding of prizes was held on April 15, 2021 in conjunction with the Chi Omega Lambda Induction—Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honor Society.

First prize was awarded to Mark McKnight for the longest submission (used 178 Pi digits without a mistake) titled A Requiem for Broken Machines. Mark also entered last year and earned second prize (121 Pi digits).

Second prize winners were Ethan Palma (the Pi Poem, 44 Pi digits), Michael Aron (49 Pi digits), and Kellie Diodato (I Think Myself A Time Traveler, 55 Pi digits).

The Mathematics Department congratulates the winners of the Eleventh Annual MMC π-day Competition, and thanks all participants for their valuable contributions.

Pi Day 2021 Celebration Program