Onward: MMC’s Health and Safety Guidelines for Fall 2021

Dear MMC community,

With the beginning of the fall semester right around the corner, we are looking forward to seeing more of you on campus and in person. The Health and Safety team has been working hard over the summer to update the College’s robust health and safety guidelines that will keep our community safe and our learning environment vibrant.

Here are highlights of the updated guidance:

  • IMPORTANT and URGENT for MMC students, faculty, and staff:


Right now, our overall MMC vaccination rate is 69%. We need to get to 80% vaccinated, which means everyone needs to do their part. The larger our vaccination percentage grows, the more protection we will have against COVID-19 and its variants. (Note: if you’ve already filled out one of these forms, thank you! We have received your information, and there is no need to fill out the form again.)

  • Masks are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor MMC spaces, including classrooms, labs, studios, library, theatre, residence halls, and common spaces.
  • The mask policy will be re-evaluated continuously throughout the semester and may be revised with consideration given to internal vaccination rate, local infection and transmissibility rates, and guidance from public health officials.
  • All unvaccinated members of the MMC campus community are required to endeavor to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet with anyone who does not reside in the same residence, whenever possible.

  • A temperature scan is no longer required for entry into MMC facilities.
  • The MMC Engage Daily Screening questionnaire is no longer required for students, faculty, and staff. The questionnaire is still required for guests, visitors, and vendors.

  • Anyone within the MMC population who tests positive must notify the College by emailing safety@mmm.edu.
  • Confirmed cases will be required to isolate for a prescribed period based on whether the individual is vaccinated in accordance with MMC’s Isolation Protocol.
  • Contact tracing and reporting will be conducted as necessary based on New York State and New York City guidance.
  • Testing partners will be contacted if local conditions warrant on-campus testing.

  • When a person has been exposed to a known positive COVID-19 case—
    • If the exposed individual is vaccinated: they must quarantine for 4 days. This precautionary quarantine allows for diagnostic testing in order to limit potential spread.
    • If the exposed individual is unvaccinated: they must quarantine for 10 days, with a 7-day test-out option.

    • As variants continue to impact infection rates locally, enhanced cleaning/disinfectants will remain in main campus, faculty center, and residence hall common spaces.
    • Cleaning/sanitization kits will be provided to classrooms, labs, studios, and administrative spaces.
    • Filtration in air handling system has been upgraded to MERV-13.
    • Ultraviolet sterilization units have been deployed throughout Carson and Nugent halls.
    • Portable ultraviolet sterilization units will be deployed to designated areas with limited air flow and higher occupancy.

    • MMC community events are limited to 250 total participants.
    • Events with external participants/visitors/guests are limited to 185 total participants.
    • Outside rentals will resume. Renters are required to comply with MMC health and safety protocols.
    • Invited guests, visiting faculty and students, authorized vendors/contractors/consultants, and admissions tour groups are permitted on Main Campus. All guests are required to comply with MMC health and safety protocols.
    • All members of the MMC campus community must recognize and respect MMC-installed signage and decals regarding occupancy and space usage.

    • Visitors will not be allowed to enter the Residence Halls except during move-in, when identified “helpers” will be allowed access to assist students with move-in.
    • Isolation spaces have been consolidated to allow for de-densification of resident suites.
    • The weekly resident student health survey has been discontinued for the Fall 2021 term.

    • MMC-funded/related international travel is prohibited.
    • MMC-funded/related domestic travel must meet criteria established for travel in protocol document, and must be pre-approved by department/appropriate VP.
    • All individuals should self-monitor/test following any travel.


It is important to understand that COVID-19 vaccination is a critical prevention measure to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. The greater the number of MMC community members who are vaccinated, the safer our campus will be.

An equally important point is that an individual’s vaccination status is protected health information. The MMC community is rooted in mutual respect and compassion. We do not stigmatize anyone based on their decision to get vaccinated or not. We treat everyone with sensitivity and care.

We are very excited about this fall semester, and we hope you are as enthusiastic as we are to reconnect with your friends and colleagues and to be in the real presence of the MMC community. Read more about our health and safety protocols on the MMC Onward webpage.

This semester is one of rejuvenation and joy – of being fully present in the classroom, in the halls, in offices, in labs and performance spaces, in the moment. Welcome back! It’s great not just to see but to be with you.


MMC’s Health and Safety Team