2021-2022 Math Prize Problem #4

Each month the Mathematics Department offers a math prize problem – a mathematical brain teaser – with a first prize of $25, a second prize of $15, and, of course, bragging rights. These problems do not require advanced knowledge of mathematics, just a curious mind and a willingness to slug it out with the problem.

How many of the numbers 1, 2, 3,…, 5000 are not divisible by any of the numbers 3, 7 and 11?


Submit a solution to this problem to Prof. Ken Ching (kching@mmm.edu, CH 614) by April 20. The first correct submission will win a first prize of 25 dining dollars. All other correct submissions will receive recognition and bragging rights, and one of these submissions will be randomly selected for a second prize of 15 dining dollars. All are welcome to participate, but prizes are for MMC students only. Solution will be posted online and outside CH 603.

Happy Solving!