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‘It was a Time!’ Alumni on Their Favorite Memories of Homecomings Past

Fun Fact: MMC’s Homecoming as we know it dates back to 2008, though the College has long used the fall for events that boost school spirit, welcome home alums, and open the campus to parents, families, and friends. We asked alums about their most memorable Homecoming moments—and why Griffins everywhere will want to turn out for Homecoming 2022 this weekend.


Brenelle Braganza ’19 Brenelle Braganza '19

Homecoming was a big part of my life at MMC. I was on CAB (the Campus Activities Board) and in student government, so I was often involved on the planning side. It was a time—so fun and beautiful, like having our own personal Marymount street fair.

One of my favorite memories was playing flag football with President Walk. We’d all try to get on her team because she’s competitive—she wanted to win!—and always had a good strategy. It was definitely better to play with her than against her! Also, she understood the rules. That was important because though we’d walk through the rules every year, no one could ever seem to remember them! So, halfway through the game, we’d always have to stop and go over them again. I remember, too, that we’d have all these parents who were super into the game. You’d see us students with our lack of athletic abilities running around, and we’d say to them, ‘um, we don’t know why you’re so passionate.’

All that planning and organizing behind the scenes helped with what would become my career. I’m a project manager for the tech company Oracle. Being a PM is solely about organization and communication skills, and those soft skills I perfected at MMC helped make me into the professional I am today. Also, SDA is the biggest support system—they’re there for you not just as a student but as a whole person. Not a lot of schools can say that. I’m still in touch with people I met through SDA and MMC, and those relationships wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the environment and if we didn’t have people who care so much about the students.

I’d tell new and continuing students to participate in Homecoming—these are the times you’ll remember forever. And alums, come out if you can. It’s a great way to connect and keep MMC going.


Emani “King” Mack ’20 Emani King Mack '20  

My friends and I were always excited about Homecoming. I’m the founder of MMC’s dance team The Throne, which started performing at Homecoming events in 2016 and has been performing ever since. Each year we rehearsed day and night to produce an iconic performance for MMC’s Got Talent and the halftime show of the flag football game on Roosevelt Island.

However, Homecoming 2018 will forever hold my favorite personal memory: My aunt surprised me by flying in from Los Angeles for the Dean’s List Ceremony. She coordinated everything with former Vice President Carol L. Jackson and popped up at my dorm. Immediately my heart was fulfilled. I don’t like surprises, but it was one of the greatest weekends of my life.


Meghan Quinlan ’11 Meghan Quinlan '11  

I remember a particularly silly flag football game on Roosevelt Island after a rainstorm that left us looking like muddy gremlins! We rode the tram back and took over all the bathrooms on campus, trying to get the mud off. We made a hot mess. It’s so incongruous, sports at Marymount, but everyone’s just such a character there, so they make it fun. I live in the South now, where college football is huge. I like to tell people, hey, I went to a small liberal arts college in Manhattan where we played flag football once a year, and we always won because we played ourselves!

Angelette Verdena King ’00 Angelette Verdena King '00

When I was at MMC, it was called Octoberfest, not Homecoming, and it was a celebration of everything fall with a lot of activities for students and alumni. I remember the campus being full and having a lot of energy. The fellowship—building community and camaraderie—is really why everyone looks forward to it. I plan to attend Homecoming this year, and I encourage other alums to go as well. I always tell people that the reunions aren’t the only reason to come home to 71st street. It’s always good to come back and see how MMC is evolving, reconnect with old friends, recharge, and refresh. It’s also a chance to connect with current students, which could create opportunities for networking and mentoring. I was a returning adult student at Marymount, and I believe in giving back and expressing gratitude, so I stay involved in the College’s life.


Catherine Pool ’19 Catherine Pool '19

Homecoming was always so fun at Marymount, but my favorite was in 2018. I think because I knew it was my last year, I savored every moment a little bit more. The best part of the weekend was getting to see friends who had graduated and being together again. I mean, that’s the point, right? To bring everyone back home to celebrate being a Griffin with the people who made the years in college so special.

I was in a bunch of different organizations/clubs, as were pretty much all of my friends. As part of SGA, I had the pleasure of working on every aspect of MMC’s Got Talent, from auditions to the actual show, and it was exciting to see something you worked on bring people laughter, comfort, and joy.

The dance was also a blast. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to dress up and dance with their friends? I even managed to find this picture (above) of me and Dean Dayne Hutchinson!

Published: October 20, 2022