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MMC Students Shine at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has officially ended, but we’re still celebrating these Griffins who graced the catwalk this year!

Musical Theatre major London Riley ’24 walked in Buckethead Productions’ NYFW show at the Brooklyn Museum on September 7. Buckethead, a handmade crochet line created by designer Jake Leone, scouted her on Instagram, setting the stage for her runway debut.

“I’ve been doing plus-size modeling since I was 15,” London said. “I had my first big brand deal, with Forever 21, when I was 17. But runway modeling was new for me and totally over my head! I was constantly asking Jake, ‘Is this too much? Should I put my arms up? And they literally were like, ‘Please just enjoy it. You’re gonna do great.’”

Her Musical Theatre training was a big help, too. “Modeling brings a different kind of nervousness than being in musicals or plays,” she said. “But it’s still a performance, and the skills carry over. I was able to be a lot freer and fun on the stage because of my theatre experience.”

Dance and Journalism major Harley Fleschner ’27 had modeled for dance photographers for years. But when she was 14, her mom posted a picture from one of the shoots that caught the eye of Florida-based designer Kallee Jackson. “Kallee saw it and cast me in her runway show, and I’ve been modeling for her ever since,” Harley said. “She’s been an amazing mentor for me.” Harley walked in Kallee’s New York Fashion Week show in February, will be traveling with her to London Fashion Week 2024, and has become the face of Kallee’s fashion house Maison De Kallee Jackson.

Harley’s also modeled for the designer Sabre Mochachino. “Modeling has taught me so much about using my angles, presenting myself, and being able to express what the clothing makes me feel,” she said. “It’s another beautiful art form that I am blessed to be able to integrate into my life. I am deeply grateful.”

Evie Nista ’27, a Marketing major minoring in Communications and Fashion Studies, walked for Coach, marking her second season at Fashion Week with the brand after walking in its February 2023 show. She was scouted online at 16 and has been modeling ever since. “I’m proud to be a curve model in this industry and helping to contribute to positive change,” she said.

Molly Quinn Hefner ’24 walked for Melis By Sahar Al Aufi during Runway 7’s September 7 showcase. Hefner, a double major in Dance and Media and Arts Management, has walked in Fashion Week since 2022.

Published: September 18, 2023