Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Venice, Day 3
Santa Maria della Salute, Accademia, Ca d’Ora, Jewish Ghetto

Long day.  Long life.  Live as the Venetians do.

As the morning dawned, and the sun rose over the horizon, we awakened to return to the streets of Italy. 

Santa Maria della Salute

Built in 1687, the Santa Maria della Salute stands as a tribute, giving thanks to Saint Mary for healing the city of Venice from the plague.  The architecture of Baldassare Longhena speaks of tradition, with high ceilings and domes, hanging incense and lanterns, and a plethora of confessionals in multiple styles.  The church features paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and Baroque artists.


A quick water taxi ride took us to the Accademia.  The museum has gorgeous ceilings covered in moldings and gold, multiple accounts and depictions of the life of Jesus and Saint Mary, and one of the largest paintings in the world, Veronese’s Feast in the House of Levi. We viewed a number of paintings, including Giorgione’s The Tempest, a painting that inspires many theories regarding its meaning.

Ca d’Oro

Our third stop took us further down the Grand Canal to Ca d’Oro.  The museum features sculptures, paintings, and the Renaissance painter Mantegna’s astonishing Saint Sebastian.  Its lacy Venetian Gothic architecture, which you can see especially on a beautiful porch overlooking the Grand Canal, epitomizes its era and form in history.

Jewish Ghetto

At one time, Jewish people were not permitted to live in all areas of Venice; they had to reside in a specific area reserved for them. The Jewish Ghetto was fenced off and closed at a certain time to ensure the people remained inside at night.  Within the Ghetto there are five synagogues, each representing a different denomination and different artistic style. Most of the synagogues, which have separate areas for men and women, are still in use.  

The day was packed with information and discussions at a number of sites.  Day 3 was a great success and Day 4 looks to be packed full with even more fun and exciting adventures for us to embark on.