Perfect Shot turns into a Canal Bath

William (Billy) Gaffney recounts his tale of a trip into the Canal

Around the corner from the Accademia, I wanted to take a picture of Brooke near the Grand Canal.  In my effort to get the perfect shot, and while walking backwards, landed on a step covered with mucky moss. I managed to slide down four steps, right into the Canal. Somehow, I managed to throw Brooke’s phone onto the street before we both went into the water. There I was, lying in the muddy muchness, while a crowd gathered in a semi-circle around me. Oddly, the whole event seemed perfectly choreographed, even though I didn’t say a word.  I was covered in mud and went to a nearby bathroom to clean off. A man came in and started yelling about the mud.  He yelled at Jamie and Alex–and me–while I was trying to wash up.

“The whole thing happened in five seconds..all of it.”  –Brooke Lineberger

Advice / Moral of the Story: If you are near a body of water in Venice (and you usually are), avoid all steps that are not perfectly white. Otherwise, you may have a big price to pay.