Faculty News: Professor Ann Aguanno Named New Undergraduate Affiliate Network Chair

May 27, 2014
Professor Ann Aguanno has been selected as the new Chair of the Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN), the premier national organization dedicated to undergraduate research in biology and research-based undergraduate education.

The UAN is an arm of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). The ASBMB UAN is devoted to building a national network of undergraduate students and faculty for the advancement of research, education, and science outreach. Its mission is to provide networking and career development opportunities at regional and national conferences, access to research and science outreach, as well as grants and awards to facilitate these aims.

At MMC, Dr. Aguanno has achieved extraordinary success training undergraduate researchers through a unique program of her own design. Recently, she turned her innovation in undergraduate research pedagogy into a new area of scholarship, resulting in a chapter in this year’s Progress in Education series as well as several conference presentations.

Her appointment as UAN Chair solidifies her status as a national authority on undergraduate research in biology. Through this position, she will bring national attention to MMC’s scientific program.