Juan Carlos Peñuela featured in Dance Teacher Magazine

September 04, 2014
Dance department ballet instructor, Juan Carlos Peñuela, has been featured in Dance Teacher Magazine’s August 2014 issue to discuss his technique for teaching the cuban style.

“Juan Carlos Peñuela, How I Teach Entrechat Trois in the Cuban Style” discusses Peñuela’s approach to teaching at Ballet Hispanico, using the syllabus of the Cuban style. The article opens, “Juan Carlos Peñuela level 5 technique class at Ballet Hispanico in New York City runs like a laboratory with one clear mission: for students to discover the power of the standing leg.”

Summarizing the progression of his class, Dance Teacher Magazine’s, Candice Thompson, executes Peñuela’s balance approached to the technique. He looks for his students to not only become strong dancers, but to also stay true to the Cuban “quality of movement that is bigger, less stuck on the square.”

Dance Teacher Magazine accurately explained what many of our current students enjoy about Peñuela’s class here at Marymount Manhattan. He’s a teacher who focuses strongly on the technique while continuously encouraging his students to give more to their art. As the article closes with “Let me see the energy move through your fingernails out to the universe.”

Check out the article, as well as a video of his class at

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