Emerging Leaders

September 24, 2018
The Emerging Leaders program is a 10 week leadership series for first year students that takes place in the spring semester from February 2nd to April 20th, every Friday 11am-1pm

The program includes three equal components, which are: A series of six leadership workshops, 20 community service hours, and a NYC agency component.

Emerging Leaders 2018 will give candidates an opportunity to build confidence, meet new people and establish yourself as an up-and-comping influence at MMC.

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders program is great and varied. Emerging Leaders must be open to the learning process, driven to achieve and excel, and committed to involvement and volunteerism within their respective communities.  The program requires candidates who understand and appreciate individual differences and seek to affect change within their respective communities and beyond.  Emerging Leaders will experience a semester’s long series of workshops geared towards advancing their leadership skills and abilities. Candidates will work in groups and individually and are expected to be self starters when it comes to project completion. The Emerging Leaders program is a sizable commitment equivalent to an additional course for the spring semester.



Applications are made available at the end of August and due to Student Development & Activities (8th floor Main Building, in Student Affairs) October 26th.


Applications may be filled out online by clicking –> HERE