Joseph Liner

Class of 2013, Major in International Studies

“It’s astounding how such a small program in a school that is strongly devoted to performing arts could have such an outstanding array of talented teachers and students! No less than three of my professor used to work directly for the United Nations (and I attended two conferences there myself with them)! Every day I spent in class at Marymount was truly an eye-opening learning experience, and I found my abilities and my worldview challenged constantly.

After four years I felt completely transformed and ready to take on the real world. Our professors worked with us closely to encourage our unique interests and skills, and helped us become better students every step of the way. Every professor I had was 100% devoted to their students, and I never felt as if I couldn’t ask for help or ask questions about the coursework or material.

I also found that the resources available at Marymount- including the wide variety of mandatory electives- really rounded out my thought process and taught me where my key strengths lie. Taking on internships and studying abroad as well were the most important things I did; they provided real world experience and something to put on a resume before I even graduated. Marymount truly is a place where you are allowed to take your education in your own hands and make the most of everything the school has to offer. Our professors in the International Studies, Social Sciences, History, etc. departments are creative, smart, and world-class educators. If asked to do it over again, I would absolutely still choose Marymount Manhattan College.”

Joe Liner graduated from MMC in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in International Studies. He was skeptical about proceeding directly into graduate school and after consulting with his academic advisor and other trusted professors, he decided it would be best to take some time off and see if opportunity would come to him when he least expected it.

Shortly after graduating, Joe moved across country for a change of scenery, hoping that opportunity would come to him when he least expected it. After spending a year moving around Utah, Denver and Minneapolis, Joe realized that living in New York had permanently made him less suited to live anywhere else, and decided to return. With his network of friends classmates still intact, he was able to resettle quickly, and landed his first professional job after three months of diligent job searching and the help of a temp agency. He is currently working full time in the architecture field in Manhattan, and resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Class Year and Major

Class of 2013, Major in International Studies

International Studies