Renee Watson

Class of 2014, Major in English and World Literatures

“Transferring from a few different large universities in Texas and finally ending up at MMC, I entered the EWL and Creative Writing departments with a mindset that hindered my current accomplishments greatly. Only when I realized what the knowledgeable and encouraging professors could offer me did I begin to push myself, taking whatever they gave me and turning it into valuable insight for the future. I joined The Review and was an active participant for 2 ½ years, even submitting and publishing a fiction piece in the magazine during my final year. Though I applied to several publishing-related internships during my time at MMC, I, unfortunately, did not have enough experience as my peers. Professor Feilla then persuaded me to join Pace’s Publishing program, and using that experience, along with what the English and World Literatures and Creative Writing departments and The Review offered me, I finally landed an internship at Oxford University Press, where I was a production intern. This spring, I’ll be a managing editorial intern at Open Road Integrated Media, and by May, I’ll have an MS in Publishing.”

Class Year and Major

Class of 2014, Major in English and World Literatures

English and World Literatures