Molly Ward

Class of 2015, Major in Political Science

As a student at MMC, Molly split her time between campus and a series of internships focused in political and national news. She was heard on-air on SiriusXM Radio’s OutQ channel, reporting and helping produce news stories related to the LGBTQ community. Her knowledge of political history and theory was a real asset in her time at MSNBC, where she worked on some of the network’s most politically-focused shows including “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Up with Steve Kornacki.” She also participated in the network’s live coverage of 2014 midterm elections, helping transcribe live speeches as they happened. Her work in the field with PBS NewsHour Weekend helped produce a series of engaging interviews on a variety of topics, sometimes contributing her own reporting as a companion to larger stories. Molly is current an Associate Producer at MSNBC’s Emmy-nominated show, All in with Chris Hayes.

Class Year and Major

Class of 2015, Major in Political Science

Politics and Human Rights