Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the main governing body for student concerns and student representation. It is comprised of an Executive Board, Student Senate and Divisional Representatives.

Clubs and organizations are also affiliated with the SGA through the allocation of club budgets which is overseen by the SGA Treasurer. The organization is advised by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and is housed in the Student Organization Suite in the Main Building, room 302.

SGA has a threefold purpose:

  • To broaden the base of student involvement in the College in order to enhance school spirit.
  • To enable students to gain leadership qualities needed to run the government body effectively. Broadening the base of student involvement means not only increasing the numbers of students involved in Student Government, but also equally as important, it means having the diverse range of students represented in and through their Student Government.
  • To fight for students rights and improve school policies.


SGA Meeting Minutes 2017-2018

September 11, 2017

For more information, please email or Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development.