Fashion Works*

Fashion Works will provide students on campus with opportunities to engage in the fashion industry directly by helping them forge connections in the field, employ fashion in the service of others, and acquire transferable skills in event planning, social media, and Potential Events and Activities

  • Volunteer Shift and Tour of Housing Works
  • Student Clothing Drive for programs including Dress for Success and Career Gear
  • Guest Speakers including speakers from J.Crew, Tory Burch, Bloomingdale’s, etc.

The work and activities of Fashion Works will focus on helping students on campus explore fashion by encouraging students to engage in direct service, mentorship, and by fostering different, hands-on learning opportunities that will explore the various disciplines that inform this industry. The aim of the club is two-fold: to help students who want to enter fashion learn more about the industry while serving others. Fashion Works will create opportunities to meet with experts in this field to help students at Marymount Manhattan College seeking to enter fashion and fashion-affiliate industries establish key connections with industry insiders. Fashion works will do this by strategic outreach to those who are currently engaged in the production, consumption, marketing, and development of the business of fashion. Fashion Works expects to hold events with special guest speakers and panelists, presentations from organizations seeking student interns, company and industry profiles. We hope to leverage these connections to help us organize an annual student fashion show to benefit a local nonprofit with which we expect to partner extensively, Housing Works, which employs the model of reselling and re-purposing upcycled fashion to raise funding to address AIDS and homelessness. Students in Fashion Works will be expected to volunteer on a rotating basis with Housing Works and similar organizations (Dress for Success, CareerGear, et c.) The service component of the clubs work is inspired by the organizing board’s commitment to employing an industry in which many people invest a great deal of their disposable income to benefit those who are disadvantaged. Ultimately we hope to pursue a model of “fashion for good.” 

Note: We are unaffiliated with Housing Works, Dress for Success, or CareerGear. Fashion Works is meant to be an independent student group based at Marymount Manhattan College.

This club is currently inactive. Inactive clubs may be reactivated at any point during the academic year. Contact Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development for more information.