Estée Tanel O’Connor ’16

Class of 2016, Major in Art History

It was an invitation to the “Pre-Raphaelite Legacy” Scholars Day at the Met, by Dr. Jason Rosenfeld that galvanized my desire to become a museum curator in my beloved field of nineteenth-century British Art. Listening to the discourse generated that day inspired my junior year self to attend graduate school. I also completed Curatorial and Archival internships at museums and libraries in New York City, attended the Southern Italy study abroad program with Dr. Rosenfeld, and visited countless museums and galleries, often with the exhibition’s curator or the artists represented.

However, my most valuable experience at Marymount was earning Honors in Art History. Under the guidance of Dr. Adrienne Baxter Bell, I developed my Senior Art History Seminar paper into a 35+ page paper that represented the culmination of all I learned over the past three years and served as a perfect writing sample for my applications to graduate programs. I was accepted to my two first choice schools: The Courtauld Institute of Art and The University of York. I chose the Master’s program in the History of British Art at York and will start in Fall of 2016. I passionately believe that the most important part of attending college is the connections one makes with professors and fellow students. At MMC, our professors certainly taught the curriculum but also expanded on ideas we brought to the classroom and encouraged discourse that allowed us to learn from one another. This atmosphere of encouraging active scholarship greatly contributed to the success I have achieved thus far as an art historian.

Class Year and Major

Class of 2016, Major in Art History