Jessica Rozycki ’16

Class of 2016, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

Through my Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum at MMC, I was able to cultivate knowledge areas of personal and professional interest, including social and digital media, advocacy, and intersectionality among marginalized communities. Exploring the areas of Gender and Sexuality Studies has greatly contributed to my position as a Communications Associate in the LGBTQ+ nonprofit world by exposing me to different perspectives, identities, and societal issues that I come across in my job every day.


When Jessica started taking the required classes for the Gender & Sexuality Studies minor she had originally declared at MMC, she knew that it was the area of study she wanted to focus on for the next few years. With the IDS major, Jessica was able to expand her knowledge of gender and sexuality in ways she never thought she’d have the opportunity to. The IDS major allowed Jessica to take classes across a number of different disciplines, including English and World Literatures, Communication Arts, International Studies, and so many more, all which provided her with new perspectives to better understand the topics of gender and sexuality.