Residence Hall Council - Cooper Square (RHC)

RHC is a member organization of the Marymount Core Council.

Students who live on-campus are immersed in a unique environment that is rich in opportunities for meaningful involvement. One of these opportunities is participation in Residence Hall council. Students from each of the residence halls are elected and/or appointed to meet on a weekly basis. They represent their peers on a variety of matters pertaining to their residence hall community and campus life. Residence Hall Council is a great opportunity for a starting point to larger collegiate governing bodies.

A large responsibility of each council is programming. Students have the opportunity to create programs geared towards the needs of the constituents. Each Residence Hall is allotted funding at the beginning of the year for programming.

A Residence Director of that Building advises the Residence Hall Council.

The 55th Street Residence Hall and the Cooper Square Residence Hall each have their own hall councils. Speak to one of the Residence Life staff in your building to learn more.

This club is currently inactive. Inactive clubs may be reactivated at any point during the academic year. Contact Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development for more information.