Solenne Ndouongo ’17

Class of 2017, B.S. in Finance with a minor in Accounting

Both my internships provided valuable experience and contextual applications of knowledge in finance and accounting. Thanks to my advisor, Professor Andrea Tsentides, who introduced me to the amazing internship with M2E, I am now more confident in planning my career path and charting my professional goals.


My name is Solenne Ndouongo and I am an international student with a major in Finance and a minor in Accounting.

I have had the opportunity to complete two internships at MMC, both in nonprofit organizations: The Hunger Project (THP) and Move to Empower (M2E). Most finance majors prefer to intern in for-profit firms, but I believe that helping others has a greater human value than amassing personal wealth.

Interning at THP was my first experience in the workplace and it taught me about different ways to help the financially needy. The THP organization serves many countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. Since French is my first language, I was able to speak directly with collaborators from Africa as a translator for important meetings, which provided me with insights into the workplace and networking.

Move to Empower provided me with greater responsibility as it was a new entity, and still in the process of formation. It gave me the opportunity to experience how finance and accounting play a crucial role in the creation of an organization.”