Anika Ferdoash ’17

Class of 2017, Double major in Finance and International Business

Double minor in Accounting and Economics

  • Anika Ferdoash, Class of 2017

“The one thing you will never get back is your time. Utilize every minute you have doing what you love and fill the gaps in your schedule productively. Assessing the purpose of each activity you partake in will help you determine what you need to prioritize for your greater goal. While you keep yourself busy, do not forget to take breaks. Balance is key when it comes to efficiency.”


Anika was selected from among 13 students who auditioned for the honor of being the Student Speaker at Commencement. In the fall of 2017, she will be working as a Benefits Consultant for Aflac in Boston. She hopes to return to New York the following year to continue developing initiatives geared towards promoting civic leadership opportunities for youth. As someone whose passions germinated through support programs like HEOP, she hopes to introduce students to similar services and aspires to create her own platform to serve Muslim American youth.