Taylor Morgan

Class of 2013, Major in English and World Literatures

  • Amborella Organics
    Amborella Organics

As she moved into the 55th Street residence hall, Taylor Morgan had no idea she was making one of the most informative decisions of her life - but she quickly learned as both the city and Marymount Manhattan College transformed her world. During a meeting with her advisor, Taylor discussed her love for writing with Dr. Sledge who recommended she study English alongside her minor in journalism. Soon after, Taylor began reading literature from around the world, redefining the literary cannon while simultaneously devouring food and making friends from around the world. During her senior year, she began writing for NYLON Magazine and was accepted to the Peace Corps. After graduation, Taylor moved back home to Southern California while awaiting her post. Tragically, during this time she began to have flare ups with her neurological disease, Chari Malformation, and needed a third brain operation. Though she was forced to decline her post in Morocco, Taylor continued to write, assuming positions as a staff writer and editor for various publications. One day over coffee, Taylor’s boyfriend told her about a concept he had for a lollipop that, once planted, could grow herbs and flowers. The two decided then that they would bring his idea to life and launched a company called Amborella Organics. The gist: eat an organic lollipop with herbs and flowers woven throughout, plant your biodegradable stick in soil horizontally, water and in time an herb or flower will grow. Amborella is a symbol of sustainability, a connection to our food, and a relationship forged with nature and hopefully a loved one. Within one year of launch, the company went viral with over ten million views to a video shared on social media. 

Class Year and Major

Class of 2013, Major in English and World Literatures

English and World Literatures