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Mike Burt ’11

Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Communication Arts

Current Title

Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Spotlight Story

What first interested you in MMC?
I have a close friend who went to MMC and spoke highly of it. At the time, I was attending Queens College through a study abroad program from Chico State University in California. I wanted to be closer to the city, so I met with a guidance counselor who walked me through the application.

How did your program help guide you in your current career? (Specific faculty, classes, internships, etc.)
My coursework in communications and public speaking has helped greatly. Being able to communicate a complex idea in a way that clients can understand is the foundation of my business.

What is your current employment/education/passion project information? (Organization, title, describe your role/position)
Merrill Lynch, Financial Advisor

My team handles the financial affairs of a select few families and individuals. We create retirement plans, lend money, and build investment portfolios. My niche is overseeing the finances of musicians, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.

Please list any recent accomplishments (This can be professional or personal).
I married my wife, Kim Renfro, in July 2016. I also became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER in August 2017.

Where do you currently reside?
Upper East Side

What are your interests outside of work (Hobbies, volunteerism, interests, goals)?
My main passion outside of work is music and live concerts. I also enjoy volunteering at MMC.

Is there a current story about your professional career and/or accomplishments that you would like readers to know about?
I really enjoy partnering with my musician clients to help them start a retirement fund and financial plan. I feel that I’m having a life changing effect that will prepare them for the future.

Who was your favorite professor during your time at MMC?
Rosemary Nossiff

What is the app that you can’t live without?
Podcasts- I regularly listen to Planet Money, NPR Politics, Masters in Business, and Get Up On This