Tiny Producers

The goal of Tiny Producers is to talk about topics that are relevant to teenagers and young adults that network television shows and the mainstream media gloss over or misconstrue. By creating a series for young adults, made by young adults, we feel that we can most accurately portray issues that are important in today’s society from a young perspective, all while using high school theater as a backdrop to bring students from around the world together. In addition to having the characters within the series talk about or go through these timely and relevant issues, we also plan on uploading “talk‐back” episodes, where we go more in-­‐depth about how these topics relate to current issues happening in the world. By talking to professionals, academics, and young adults who have experience with these topics, we feel that a show like Tiny Producers can begin conversations that many other shows have not yet brought up.

For more information, please email or Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development.