On A Side Note - A Cappella

We are Marymount Manhattan College’s co-ed a cappella group On A Side Note. We are here to provide a fun, safe, accepting, exciting and respectful environment for people who share an interest, passion, love and enjoyment for performing,  listening and learning a cappella and music. We are a safe and respectful group of our members, their needs and our rehearsal space. We are an open, accepting, respectful group who will allow anyone and everyone to audition to become a member. Our members will be treated with the utmost respect for giving us their time and attention. Any acts that are hurtful, disrespectful and rude (between members or an officer and a member)  will not be accepted and will be brought to the officer’s’ attention to further discuss the incident. (Possible probation, not being allowed to perform in a show or possible expulsion from the group are potential punishments depending on the severity of the act.) We value diversity, acceptance, camaraderie and fun. We are a unique group as MMC has not had an a cappella group in many years. We are going to use the talent and energy the student body has and turn it into an amazing a cappella group that hopefully will outlive our time at MMC.

For more information, please email or Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development.