Marymount Community Outreach


Marymount Community Outreach Mission Statement

  1. Marymount Community Outreach is an organization that unites all Marymount Manhattan students,
    giving the opportunity for students to raise awareness on campus on community service
    opportunities in the local community.
  2. MMC hopes to tackle issues such as poverty, environmental issues, immigration, animal
    welfare, homelessness, and children and youth.
  3. The fundamental purpose of the MMC is to educate others on communities that need
    service the most; raise awareness on any marginalized communities; to help others acknowledge the impact that community service as on their communities and organizations.
  4. Marymount Community Outreach desires to help students reflect on community service work they
    complete; to connect with the individuals and communities they assist.
  5. Overall, we want Marymount Community Outreach to become a platform for students to be vocal on
    any issues they want to take on and feel passionate about; to help, educate, and inspire one another; to highlight the impacts left on other individuals and communities, as we try to strengthen our communities with our community service work.


For more information, join us on MMC Engage.

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