Diante Webb ’15

  • Diante Webb '15

Graduation Year


Major at MMC


Current Title

Administrative Assistant, GrowNYC

Spotlight Story

Diante Webb is a constant visitor at Marymount Manhattan College and loves to give back to current students. The 2015 alumnus studied History, with a minor in Asian Studies. After graduating MMC, Webb landed a job as an administrative assistant at GrowNYC. He assists both the executive and program staff with various tasks and keeps the office efficiently. When not working, Webb volunteers for the All Stars Project Inc., and takes Mandarin classes. He resides in Newark, NJ.

Webb first heard about MMC from a friend while he was still in high school and, after doing some research, felt like the College would be a great match for him. The comfort and excitement he felt during a campus visit made him certain he wanted to choose MMC. Webb truly made the most out of his time at MMC, taking advantage of an interdisciplinary curriculum, helpful professors, and an internship at the New York Unified Court System. These experiences helped him develop the strong work ethic he has now.

Webb enjoys giving back to MMC by participating in both on- and off-campus events, including volunteering his time to speak with current seniors to motivate them to achieve their best during their final year. He is also a member of the G.O.L.D. committee, which is a group of young alumni who are enthusiastic about the College and want MMC to continue to prosper in the future.