99 Names

  • 99 Names of Allah sculpture


In Bradley Herling’s seminar, Spiritual New York, students submit photos of religious sites and phenomena they encounter in their daily lives in the city. One student writes, “This is a plaque of the 99 names of Allah. According to tradition and narrations of Prophet Muhammad, the religious figure is said to have invoked God in a variety of different manners and different attributes. These names used by Muhammad have been compiled into what is now the Muslim staple known as the 99 Names of Allah, referred to in Arabic as the “Al-Asma Ul-Husna” or “the most beautiful names”. Some of these names include: Al-Latif (the gentle), Ar Rahman (the merciful), Al-Wadud (the loving) and An-Noor (the light). The 99 names of Allah have been a problem subject of Muslim art and calligraphy. This is just one of the examples of such art. #spiritualnyc


NYC 104: Spiritual New York

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Bradley Herling