Joe Maybloom ’16

  • Joe Maybloom '16

Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Theatre Performance/Theatre History and Performance Texts with a minor in Mathematics

Current Title

Director of Undergraduate Admissions at The Jewish Theological Seminary

Spotlight Story

What first interested you in MMC?
I was drawn to MMC because of the unique education I was able to receive within the liberal arts and the fine and performing arts. It was clear from my first visit to MMC that the faculty and staff were committed to helping students achieve their goals, and the students I spoke with were smart, engaged, and positive about their MMC experiences. From my first time on campus, I could envision myself at MMC.

How did your program help guide you in your current career? 
The Theatre Department was incredibly helpful in guiding me through my college years and beyond. The unique curriculum allowed me to explore a variety of disciplines within theatre, and ultimately showed me that there were lots of opportunities that I didn’t even know existed. After my first semester, I met with my faculty advisor to discuss the possibility of picking up a second concentration in Theatre History. The guidance of the faculty and flexibility in the theatre curriculum allowed me flourish at MMC, and led me to pursue a career in theatre scholarship/academia. My mentor throughout my time at MMC, Professor Jill Stevenson, was instrumental in guiding me towards my goals. She supervised two independent studies, as well as my internship, giving me the opportunity to develop coursework suited to my individual needs. Now, post-graduation, she continues to be a source of guidance and support as I navigate graduate school and the path toward a PhD.

What are you up to now? 
I am currently the Director of Undergraduate Admissions at The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). As director, I oversee recruitment and enrollment for JTS’s dual-degree programs with Columbia University and Barnard College. After working in Admissions at MMC as a student worker, it was the natural next step in my career post-graduation.

Additionally, I am in graduate school pursuing my MA in Theatre at Hunter College. I couldn’t get away from the Upper East Side! 

Where do you currently reside?
I am still in NYC! My last year at MMC I moved to Hamilton Heights, and I am still there.

What are your interests outside of work?
Outside of work I spend a lot of time catching up on homework! Working full time and going to grad school is not easy, but it is all the more rewarding at the end of the day to know I am working toward my goals. However, when I have some free time, I love to explore NYC and people-watch. There is always something new to discover in this city!

Who was your favorite professor during your time at MMC?
Jill Stevenson. What an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend. I would not be the person I am today without her support.

What is the app that you can’t live without?
Transit – it’s a green app with an upside-down ‘N’ looking train line as the cover art. It gives you real-time arrival information for transit lines (buses and trains) across the country. It’s FANTASTIC when I travel for work and need to get around other cities on public transit. Additionally, I get real time updates of all the MTA disasters directly to my home screen. What could be better than receiving 4 AM updates about the 1 train not running due police activity at 42nd Street?