Courtney Blackman ’18

Class of 2018, Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Courtney Blackman

“As a queer-identified person, studies surrounding gender and sexuality have always been incredibly important to me. Though I aspire to work in the field of Communications and External Messaging, my identity certainly plays a roll in how I see the world and how I live in it. Nearly every project, paper, and presentation I completed at MMC contained a GSS perspective, as that what I was most interested in exploring. 

The knowledge Courtney gained from the courses taken within the Gender and Sexuality Studies minor “provided me with valuable theoretical framework to apply to my studies and projects in for my Public Relations and Strategic Communications major…

In Public Speaking, I presented the extraordinary story of Julie d’Aubigny (also known as Mademoiselle Maupin or La Maupin), the 17th-century cross-dressing swordswoman known to have killed many men in battle. I was able to present a tale of her going beyond her gender constraints and running away with a young girl lover after setting fire to the convent her lover was placed in when the family learned of their affair.

In Fashion, Media, and Culture, I explored the progression of gender neutral clothing in contemporary fast fashion and created my very own proposal for an exhibition of pieces by designers dedicated to blurring the lines between men and women’s fashion. 

Finally, for my Capstone Senior Thesis, a 30-paged research paper and study, I looked to discover how women stand-up comedians use performative self-deprecating humor to succeed in a male-dominated world of comedy. The work from previous classes such as Reconstructing Gender, Race, Class, and Gender in Media, and Gender Studies allowed for a great base of theoretical knowledge that amplified my process completing the study.”

Class Year and Major

Class of 2018, Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor